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Sponsored Content (High-End):

    • Benefits:


      • In-depth Article: A dedicated, detailed feature article by our writers showcasing your business on our homepage for 1 month (random rotation).
      • High-Quality Visuals: Professional photos and videos will grab attention and make your business stand out.
      • Storytelling Effort: What's On Kampala staff writers will craft a compelling story highlighting your unique offerings and the reasons why your business is a gem.
      • Facebook Boost: Your business gets an extra paid boost on our facebook page for even more exposure to promote and drive traffic to your business from a wider audience.
            • One Payment Only: You choose if you want to re-feature the article after one month.

            • Retention: The article remains on the website as a regular article after 1 month

800,000 Shs/Month

    • Value: This package is ideal if you want a comprehensive and long-lasting promotion. The in-depth article serves as a valuable resource for potential customers, while the visuals and storytelling create a strong connection with the audience. Facebook Ads ensure maximum reach for your business.

    Exclusive Discount Code + Social Media Blitz (Mid-Tier):

    Social Media Promotion: What's On Kampala will promote your business across their social media channels, exposing you to their established audience.
    Exclusive Discount Code: This incentivizes What's On Kampala's followers to engage with your brand by offering them a special discount.
    Facebook Ads: Similar to the high-end package, Facebook Ads boost the reach of the social media promotion.

          • One Payment Only: You choose if you want to re-feature the article after one month.

    500,000 Shs/Month

      • Value: 
          • This option is a great way to generate interest and drive sales quickly. The discount code entices new customers, while social media promotion and Facebook Ads ensure targeted exposure.


    Social Media Blitz (Basic):

        • Social Media Promotion: What's On Kampala will feature your business on their social media platforms, increasing brand awareness.
        • Facebook Ads: The promotion gets an extra push through targeted Facebook Ads.

    300,000 Shs/Month

      • Value: This is a cost-effective way to get your business noticed by WOK's audience. It's a good starting point for building brand recognition and attracting new followers.



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